Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shake it Off!


"Where is everybody?"

"They all left."

"Ahh! Who said that?!"

"Your previous blog posts." *cough, hack, wheeze*

"Oh. Well. What should I do now that I am here?"

"Continue writing. That's the only way they will come back here. Otherwise, this will all fall into the Nothing."

"Ah... Wait! What? A Neverending Story reference? Seriously?"

"Why not? We posts are all originally cut from the same literary cloth, aren't we?"

"Gosh. I don't know. I was hoping this wouldn't get all philosophical. I mean, I just write about what I see in Alaska, you know? So many things up here are different from the rest of the country, and nobody Outside really knows what it is like."

"Very true, but I do hope that you find your way. Many times, blogs like this one have fallen away into shadow, never to be seen again. You have much work left in you. I can see that."

"You think so? Really? Hmmm. There's a list of topics I've been meaning to write about sooner or later. Plus, all of the crazy Alaskan things I have taken part in, too. Maybe there are some more posts left for me to write. Starting up again seems so difficult, though!"

"For many, it is difficult. Most would only have to begin writing a post or two before the inspiration returns to them. All journeyers lose their way, but it only takes a step in the right direction to put them back on course."

"There's that philosophical gunk again. One step, eh? I can do that."

"Good luck!"

"Thanks! I--Whoa! Where'd you go? ...Looks like I am going on alone from here. Starting out alone, anyhow. Shake it off! Let's go!"

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