Alaska Lingo

Cheechako           Any newcomer to Alaska

Sourdough            Anyone who has been in Alaska a while (at least through one winter)

Outside                 The Lower 48 States

Ice Fog                  A dense winter fog made up of suspended ice particles mostly created from cars

Bear Insurance     Big guns

Snowmachine        A snowmobile

PFD                       Permanent Fund Dividend. Free $ all Alaskans get from oil companies.

Mukluk                 A warm, fur boot that is typically knee-high

Ulu Knife              A half-moon, native, all-purpose knife. Pretty cool, actually.

Termination Dust  The first light dusting of snow on the tips of the mountains. This is a warning!

Alaskan Sneakers  Fishing waders: leg, hip or chest waders

Combat Fishing       Casting a line where 1500 other people are doing the same thing at the same time!

Three Dog Night     It's so cold, two dogs aren't keeping you warm enough

Breakup                   When all the snow and ice finally melts, but all at once. Bye winter, hello tourists!

Sundog                    A large, noticeable ring around the sun on very cold days

Bunny Boots           Big, fat, white, rubber boots that keep your feet warm up to -65 degrees.

Heater Plugs          A big electrical plug hanging out of the grill of your car or truck.

Dip Netting            Holding a large fishnet, on the end of a long poll, in a river, waiting for fish to swim into                                   it. Rather successful.

Permafrost             Ground that is frozen year-round.  About 2-5 feet under the surface.  Probably should                                   be called perma-ice.